Monday, January 30, 2012

Searching for... Marriage or Good time?

The dilemma of choosing an Alpha or a Beta

So, who is who?

A note on the side: Everything I say here I will say it talking like a male (After all I am one), but all the things mentioned here apply the same to male and females.

   It has been discussed so many times what is the definition off an alpha male (or female for that matter) and everybody has something to say about them. They go from they are hot to "They are as holes and everything in between... It is right; they are everything they say about them and more. So to understand them we have to go back to the simplest definition, the one that puts everybody in the animal kingdom.
Way back in the day before the word machismo was invented
  Alpha males and alpha females both were in charge of reproducing and passing the best genes possible for the survival the gang, they were the glue that brought the gang together and took the lead when it was time to bring the food... They were happy with each other and understood their role in the gang. Now the gang has changed. We call it society and the only thing that remains is our sexual attraction to them... the alphas. Nobody escapes to their charms, we all feel attracted to an alpha , we alphas and betas all together.
Back to reality
  So, how do we know who is who? are all the buff guys alpha? Is the captain of the High school football team an alpha male? Are all the popular girls alpha too?
1.      Most alpha comes across as a strong personality.
2.      Tend to have flair of dominance and self confidence
3.      They belong to themselves
4.      They set the rules
Weather they are rich or not, smart or not, buff or not it is irrelevant because to be alpha male means to have a set of personality treats that make you exactly that. It doesn’t have to be super good looking and many times has nothing to do with smartness. It is true that there are some alpha males or females with a very high IQ. Many of them have plowed their way to riches using all the things pertaining to their alpha persona, but most of the time they are so immerse in the things that make an alpha that they have no time to train their brains (and that it will be discussed in another segment). 
So, if the captain of the high school football team is now driving the school bus, that doesn’t make him less attractive to his target audience, and cheerleader now waitressing at the local dinner or  stripping at the strip club,  still carries the same allure to their target audience because all their personality treats are still in them,  their target audience has change its truth, the roles of who they attract now have changed but they are still the same… call it charming or brusque as it applies to you.
           We all have surrender to their charms. We all have wished one of them would look at us, we all thing that she or he will be the perfect parent of our babies we all have been heartbroken by their rejection or by been ignored… Don’t worry, in the next post we are going to learn that in a perfect world and alpha and a beta make a perfect match!