Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Border wall... Please let him build it!

A whole election was won on the promise that the new president would build a wall alongside th Mexican border, and so far there is no signs os such a wall being built.
The Trump administration has said that the wall is being built in a form of improvements and fix, but we all know that that is not what he promised... It is more like a kid saying "it didn't hurt" after he felt.
Many people has gone over all the things that makes it imposible to complete this project, but we will still mention some of them to put things in context. for instane, we have to bring back the 2017 border patrol budget... 13.7 billion... cost of the wall? around 20 billion. That is without mentioning that th wall has to be protected from been destroyed, has to be maintained and repair
   If the cost of building thee wall upsets that of the border patrol budget, the we could just build the wall and fire the roughly 30 thousand people that agency employs. Then, all that people can take the jobs that all the illegals come here ton steal from them. Maintaining the wall and implementing technology to prevent people from crossing will cost a fraction of the actual budget.
 The government could implement a program to re train all that personal so they can fulfill al th vacancies in the farming industry, the service sector and some other like construction. maybe they coul even displace the other 11 million illegals here in the country. I am positive that when they find imposible to fin a job at a factory or landscaping they eventually will go back to their country of origin, giving back all the jobs they have been stealing from the American labor force.

The other solution is to leave things the way they are and build the wall, then increase the budget of the border patrol agency so they can protect the wall and rebuild it... maybe in the future even build a second wall to protect the first one... as long as the American people wants to spend their money why should the rest of the world care... that's the american people's wish,...  let them build their wall!

To all those Republican that claim to be so religious I have this to say"

‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me? To keep kicking against the goads* makes it hard for you.’

Acts of Apostles