Saturday, February 18, 2012

Searching for... Marriage or Good time? Part 2

What is good for me

    And here we are again, talking about what it will be to find the perfect match. Most of the time, we all know by experience, we can't get what we want. Either because we all look at the most popular person in our surroundings (call it school, work, neighborhood, building, church, etc.) or we have developed an idea of what we want based on the life or appearance  of celebrities or the books they have red and the movies they have watched. All that makes their perfect match just to perfect... not to say unreachable. To get that person you have to fight against all the alphas, and probably you have to be one in order to win.

What do I have to offer:

    So now, the question is what do I have to offer? What is my net worth. To use an analogy let's think of somebody that decides that it needs some new shoes. That is the first step, to realize that there is a need, named shoes.  Now that person has to stop and think, just any shoes? do I need shoes to go to work or to hike or to run? Do I need shoes to be in style? Do they have to be durable, do they need to be  a brand name?. Now that I decided what kind of shoes I want to by I have to think what can I afford? are the shoes I want in my price range. Because everything boils down to what we have to offer. If I go to the cashier and extend a 10 dollar bill for a 100 dollar pair of shoes, the cashier is going to give me the looks like "Hey! I need 90 dollars more! If I say "that is all I have!" he will snatch the shoes from my hands and send me home to get more money. Just because I don't have enough money exchange for that pair of shoes! Whether those shoes sit your feet, or go with your style is matter of another paragraph. right now we only want to know if you have enough to buy what you want.
   I have heard couple times something like "I will only marry for the money" or "I need a sugar daddy" One of  the people at work said that once and while looking at her I thought 'good luck" because there are several smoking hot young chicks out there willing to fight for that money, and she wasn't in any position to even think of it. so if you are a smoking hot guy or girl  trying to buy those shoes... It is ok, probably your goods are good enough to make the transaction...And hopefully you'll stay there for the rest of your life.
   Most of the time you won;t stay there for the rest of your life, you'll get dump. used and sometimes abused, and when that happen and you are ready to settle down and form a family of just have somebody that cares for you (remember that we are talking about you been a smoking hot person) the you know that it is time to turn around and lay your eyes on a beta... yes, the one you didn't give a damn before, the guy that was to busy building his future that never have time to go to those wild parties. Or that other person... you know who am I talking about! I doesn't have to be rich, it could, but what is important about that person is that it will provide you with a stable life, a life with love and consideration... then again, do you have what it takes to get that person?.

   Beta Looking for Alpha

   So you are the one looking to hook up with an Alpha! Well, if you are a woman things can go south very easily just because for males it is not about love but about reproducing and if you are a beta you are going to have a hell of a time keeping your man on the leash. On the other hand, if you are a beta male and you want an alpha female things are a little bit more in your favor. Woman are looking for love too, so if you are a good provider, offer a stable life or have money or are very successful doing something ( an artist, community activist, church pastor etc) and on top of that you love her, then chances are she will be with you forever, probably she will control your life but it doesn't matter because as an beta male that is exactly what you want.
   Going back to our analogy, if you want to buy a pretty item and you have the money... congratulations!, but if you want an item and you want more than you can afford... then all I can say is what Paul the apostle said and I Quote " We must go through much tribulation to enter the kingdom of heaven of God" Acts 14:22

   Next post will be Why I can't find anyone?