Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Can you say I love you with a song?

It is rather common for people in love to send each other songs they favorite and deem romantic o have a message they want to say themselves but find it easier to let the song say it for them.
   The risk in using this method to conquer somebody's heart is that many times songs have two sides and we don't know which part of the song the other person is going to listen or pay attention to. 
   Let's take for example the song 'We Should Be' by Trey songs that recently a girl I was talking to sent me:
When I listen to the songs first paragraph:

                                                 Baby, you're lookin' so lovely,
                                                 I'm thinkin' bout you lovin' me.
                                                 Kissin me, touchin' me.
                                                 Lookin' so lovely, 
                                                 I'm thinkin bout you lovin' me.
                                                 Kissin me, touchin' me.

My immediate assumption was that she wanted to get close so we could have some fun sex... but judgin by her attitude next day I realized she was focusing in the second paragraph:

                                                 I promised you
                                                 I'd take you out.
                                                 Enjoy your night,
                                                 out on the town.
                                                 Light dinner and
                                                 some champagne.
                                                 You deserve the best
                                                 of the finer thangs.
                                                 Girl tonight you couldn't look
                                                 any better.
                                                 Amazingly irresistable.
                                                 I can see it in my mind,
                                                 baby you and I,
                                                 later on tonight
                                                 makin love.
Here, I realized she was thinking more in the romantic aproach to a relationship, which implies a nice romatic dinner. But as you can see, the same song sent two different messages and who is to tell which one is the one the person who receives the song is thinking about.

Another example I came across Was when I was flirting with a girl. As we talked she sent me a text with this "If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room, would you trust it?" (from Poetic Justice of Kendrick Lamar) and right after a link to YouTube to Johnny Rain's LLWH.
 So, I'm listetening to the song and I hear this part:

                                                You have my love
                                                You have my heart
                                                You've got everything that tore us apart
                                                This is why I neveAnnotater learn to trust correctly
                                                We both know you could never just forget me
                                                I'd love you if you ever really let me
                                                Would you let me?

So I think 'well, we are into each other, things are looking great' But as I continue listening this part hits me:

                                                You're standing there
                                                With an empty look of envy
                                                You ain't come prepared
                                                You don't have to see what's in me
                                                Girl, I'm one to care
                                                And I'm ridin' where the simps be
                                                I swear they tryna get me
                                                Fuck you think this is?
                                                Look what you did to me
                                                You fucking piece of shit
                                                I'm everything that you pretend to be
                                                I thought that we were meant to be
                                                Now just
                                                             ... Fuck you

So here I got confused again... Does she love me or she thinks I am a piece of shit?

As you can see in those two examples, a song can send different message than the one you were thinking about. You might get lucky and the other person would get the one you intended, but chances are is not going to work like that. For some reason when is about love relationships we get to sensitive, either about falling to hard or been too skeptical. As in any case, when we send a song or when we receive it we only hear what we want to hear and we don't think of how the other person is going to perceive it.

I am not saying that you should stop using songs to express your feelings, but if you are going to do it, better analyze the whole song and think how the other person is going to read it before you send it... that way you know that the right message was delivered.